The Social Model Program provides treatment, education, and prevention opportunities that differ from an institutional approach.

Our Social Model teaches that while we think as individuals, we succeed together. Community interaction and personal experiences are tools we use to help others.  Recovery is an individual choice and an ongoing process that is demonstrated, measured and strengthened by community involvement.

Westminster House provides the reintroduction to drug-free social activities within the community. Allowing an opportunity to teach the clients how to have fun and to experience life as enjoyable and productive without drug use.

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  • swim passes
  • gym passes
  • movie tickets
  • sober dances
  • sports days
  • family days
  • recreational outings
  • community and cultural events
  • Holiday celebrations for clients, their families and alumni.

Westminster House understands that addiction is the disease of isolation and that making connections is the best medicine and the advantages of the Social Model of Recovery.

New West Recovery

Last Door and Westminster House have been working together for over 35 years and have inadvertently established the largest recovering community in Canada.

What does that mean?

Since 1980 people have been coming to Westminster House and The Last Door for addiction treatment. After completing treatment, these people have stayed in New Westminster and started their new life free from addiction. For over 35 years people living in long-term recovery have made New Westminster their home, creating a strong recovery presence in the community and a support system for our clients.

British Columbia has been host to the Recovery Capital of Canada for the past three decades. New Westminster boasts some of the largest 12 step meetings, largest recovery events, with the youngest median age of people in recovery, inspiring thousands of clients and their families to recover.

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