On-Going Recovery

OnGoing Recovery

Scope of Program

The OnGoing Recovery Program is an extension of the Westminster House residential Primary Care Program. It is necessary to provide a full continuum of care to clients seeking an exit to the cycle of addiction.

The OnGoing Recovery Program is focused on long term sustainable recovery. This improves social outcomes for women who have been chronic substance abusers.

Long term recovery has a positive impact on families and communities, reaching the criminal justice system, heath care system and social services. The On-Going Recovery Program will bridge the gap between Primary Care treatment and reintegration back into society.

The ongoing recovery component is what brings everything clients learned in their treatment into practical use. When you leave treatment initially it’s different. You’re making decisions on your own, traveling alone and you have to be accountable.

The transition is they key piece for long term recovery. Having somewhere to be accountable to, feeling supported, working, and most importantly having a safe environment to utilize. The relapse prevention program allows clients to be solution-focused and look at areas of their life before the physical relapse happens.

Program Components

1. Sober Living Residence

  • Housing offered after a minimum of 90 days in Westminster House residential Primary Care

2. Peer to Peer Support

  • Mentoring a woman in residential treatment
  • Staying connected to her peers within her support group

3.  After Care Groups

  • On-Going Recovery Group focuses on Relapse Prevention every Thursday
  • Meal program
  • Wellness
  • Access to addiction physician

4. Education and Training Programs

Women who complete the full continuum of care are eligible for education bursaries up to $600 and the chance to apply for 2 scholarships of  $5,000 each for education at Douglas College and Vancouver Community College .

  • Attend post-secondary/continuing education with the goal of receiving certification that ultimately will help the client gain employment
  • Career exploration program
  • Work Experience

5. Volunteer Program

  • Westminster House volunteer program provides opportunity to get back into the workforce while receiving small honorariums
  • Program participants can sit on committees and have a creative voice
  • Volunteer opportunities in the community of New Westminster for community events

6.  Social Model of Recovery – 12 Step Recovery Program

  • Attend a minimum of four 12 step meetings per week
  • Maintain a working relationship with a sponsor

7.  Family Support

Family Support is a resource established to assist family members and friends affected by addiction. Family Support Group provides access to knowledgeable professional staff who offer families assistance and support while their loved ones are in treatment at Westminster House.

Family Group is facilitated at Westminster House every Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Call us at 604-524-5633 for more information.

The On-Going Recovery Program provides relapse prevention and a continued supportive environment that includes structured programming, and accountability to one’s peers and support group. This will assist in making positive changes to environment and developing marketable skills to gain meaningful employment.