Addiction Treatment

Are you struggling with addiction and looking for help getting your life back? We can help.

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Are you struggling with addiction and looking for help getting your life back? We can help.

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Are you looking for long-term success with addiction recover? We can help.

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A healthy diet is essential to a healthy recovery life. We make nutrition a part of recovery.

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Quitting smoking can be a challenging task. Our team is here to help every step of the way.

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Is your loved one struggling with addiction? Help them get their life back? Contact us.

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Our team monitors your overall health during your recovery for long lasting results.

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Are you a service provider that is passionate about helping women recover from addiction?

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Westminster House offers addiction recovery services for women and youth. Our team of experts helps women overcome addiction and get their lives back.

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Recovery is a lifelong process. The journey to long term abstinence begins with a courageous first step: the step towards receiving drug and alcohol treatment and reclaiming a drug-free existence. Westminster House philosophy is based on treating addiction as a chronic disease and promoting long term abstinence through holistic strategies and advocating client participation in 12-step programs.

Westminster House Women’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs are based on a multi-layered bio-psycho-social-spiritual model. Women in the program look deeply at the issues surrounding their addiction using biological, psychological, social and spiritual practices.

Westminster House Women’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs are a minimum of 90 days. During this time clients at Westminster House attend eleven 12 Step Meetings per week in the community and work on step work each day. When clients first arrive at the house they are on a two week retreat that includes no mail, visitors or phone calls. This allows our clients to connect with peers and begin the healing process without any distractions.

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Westminster House Choir

Studies show that choral singing improves our mood, with a decrease in stress, depression and anxiety. These effects are often attributed to the deeper breathing associated with singing, that is also used in meditation. … Singing in a group offers us a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves re. Use the block’s Settings tab to change the caption position and set other styles.

So it’s not surprising that group singing is on the rise. … The elation may come from endorphins, a hormone released by singing, which is associated with feelings of pleasure. Or it might be from oxytocin, another hormone released during singing, which has been found to alleviate anxiety and stress.

Massage Therapy and Shiatsu

Many people are not aware of is massage therapy for addiction recovery.

During detox when the body is withdrawing from drugs or alcohol, clients can experience mild to sever physical symptoms that make their body uncomfortable or in pain. While the first few days and weeks are the most difficult, the recovery period following detox is also a challenge as clients learn to manage their behaviors and emotions while still experiencing physical symptoms from time to time.

Meditation and Breathing

Addiction involves psychological distress.  Meditation has proven to be an effective tool against addiction. This happens for several reasons; for example, this practice helps the mind relax by releasing anti-cortisol neurotransmitters into the body. Cortisol is the main stress-inducing neurotransmitter, which leads to feelings of anxiety and depression. There is no doubt that these feelings make it hard for a person suffering from an addiction to keep themselves focused on overcoming this issue.

We facilitate meditation as an inviting and inclusive option that has already proven to be both effective and easily incorporated into any treatment program. Mindfulness meditation is practiced weekly in conjunction with a other program components specifically for the recovering addict.


Yoga is very effective at regulating the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline, An imbalance of those hormones has been associated with anxiety disorders, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder as well as addiction. Chronically high levels of hormones are toxic to the body and central nervous system, and yoga can help reduce or balance the stress hormones in the body. It makes sense that when people are less stressed, they can build long term sustainable recovery.

Art Therapy

Creating art is a nonverbal process, and expands the ways a person can convey ideas and emotions, Expressive Art Therapy  provides an opportunity to explore, understand, and resolve issues in a clients life that he may not feel comfortable talking about in a regular conversation.

One example of Expressive Art at Westminster House is touch drawing when paint that is spread over a hard surface. A sheet of tissue paper is laid over top of the paint, and the client uses their hands to draw intuitively to create mono-print. During a session the client may make 10 to 15 drawings in a row.

Program Stages


Westminster House drug and alcohol treatment programs starts with primary care. We provide programs for Youth ages 16, 17 and 18 as well as an Adult program for ages 19 -65.  During a client’s stay they are supported to explore the core issues that led to their addiction. The program presents the framework and an action plan that leads to sustainable recovery. This includes group therapy, one to one counselling, addiction educational series, introspective writing (12 Steps), and health and wellness. The clients live in a peer to peer environment and are in groups of two or more women at all times to ensure complete safety and accountability to the program.


The Second Stage program supports the integration of clients back into society and the work place. The program consists of group therapy, one to one counselling, work support programs, and family counselling. With the support of their counsellor, the clients develop goals to prepare them for the next stage of their recovery. Clients are supported to attend outside programs without the supervision of their peers. This model of programming allows the client to gain independence, and build self-esteem helping to ensure a smooth process of reintegration into society.


The On-Going Recovery Program is an open ended extension of the Westminster House residential Primary Care Program and it is necessary to provide a full continuum of care to clients seeking an exit to the cycle of addiction.   The On-Going Recovery Program is focused on improving long term sustainable recovery.  This will improve social outcomes for women, who have been chronic substance abusers, having a positive impact on their families and their communities, reaching the criminal justice system, health care system and social services.


After completion of their program at Westminster House, clients are encouraged to become alumni. They can then volunteer, join event committee’s and share their experience with new women who are entering the recovery program and “give back”. The centre is a permanent sanctuary where alumni are welcome any time.

Adult Women

Find out about our adult program by calling our 24-hour helpline at 604-524-5633. Call calls are confidential.

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